Vislink Technologies, Inc., a global technology leader in the capture, delivery and management of high quality, live video and associated data in the media and entertainment, law enforcement, and defense markets, unveiled its latest innovations at IBC 2023, offering attendees a sneak peek into the future of live content production and distribution. The Vislink team were live on stand Hall 1, stand C51 with a full complement of product displays, presentations and video demonstrations.

One of the highlights of Vislink’s showcase was its Hybrid IP/COFDM applications. This cutting-edge technology, expressed in key products like the Cliq ultracompact mobile transmitter, blends the strengths of Internet Protocol (IP) and Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (COFDM) to create optimal transmission capabilities. This technology is designed to provide broadcasters with a more robust and flexible transmission solution, especially in challenging environments where signal stability is crucial.

Vislink also demonstrated its private 5G solutions for event productions, leveraging the high-speed and low-latency benefits of 5G technology. The company’s 5G solutions, which feature its award-winning UltraLink bonded cellular encoders, 5G-Link transmitter and 5G 4Live private 5G cellular network solution, will enable seamless event coverage and enhanced real-time content sharing, helping to transform the way live events are produced and consumed.

Another exciting offering from Vislink is its solutions for remote production in the cloud. Led by the TerraLink series of portable, rackmount and compact encoders, these flexible, cost-effective, and scalable cloud-based production solutions are tailor-made for modern broadcasting needs, allowing organizations to streamline their production workflows and maximize their resources. Vislink’s cloud-based solutions offer production teams the ability to collaborate remotely and deliver high-quality content to audiences worldwide.

Vislink’s showcase also featured AI-automated live sports and in-studio systems, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence for enhanced production automation and viewer engagement. These solutions, which include the IQ vPilot and IQ SportsProducer, leverage AI technology to analyze live sports events in real-time, providing broadcasters with insights and recommendations that can enhance the viewer experience. The AI-powered systems are also capable of automating tasks such as camera switching, graphics generation, and highlights creation.

Last but not least, Vislink unveiled its airborne downlink solutions for Electronic News Gathering (ENG) and live sports. Featuring the cutting-edge Vislink AeroLink and Aero5 transmitters, these solutions provide aerial coverage for live events, enabling broadcasters to capture stunning aerial shots that enhance the viewer experience.

Vislink’s showcase promises to be a game-changer for the live production industry, highlighting the company’s commitment to innovation and excellence. Attendees at IBC experienced Vislink’s latest offerings firsthand, and discovered the potential of these technologies to transform the way live content is produced and distributed.


About Vislink Technologies, Inc.

Vislink Technologies is a global technology leader in the capture, delivery, and management of high-quality, live video, and associated data in the media and entertainment, law enforcement, and defense markets. With a renowned heritage in video communications encompassing over 50 years, Vislink has revolutionized live video communications by delivering the highest-quality video from the scene, even in the most challenging transmission conditions. Through its Mobile Viewpoint product lines, Vislink also provides live streaming solutions using bonded cellular, 5G, and AI-driven technologies for automated news and sports productions. Vislink’s innovative solutions enable broadcasters and public safety agencies to capture and share live video seamlessly and securely, ensuring they can stay connected with their audiences, teams, and operations. Vislink’s shares of common stock are publicly traded on the Nasdaq Capital Market under the ticker symbol “VISL.” For more information, visit