Demonstrations Will Include New Storage Solutions; Updates to Varnish Enterprise 6; and Advancements in Performance, Power and Cost Efficiency 

Los Angeles, CA – March 23, 2023 – Varnish Software, a leader in caching, streaming and content delivery software solutions, will showcase its new and advanced suite of content delivery and web acceleration solutions that provide faster experiences, support greater traffic and deliver more content with less budget and resources than ever before at NAB 2023, April 15 – 18.

Demonstrations at Varnish Software’s booth – located in the new West Hall #W3501 – will spotlight the company’s latest CDN, caching and edge solutions which have been optimized at every layer, from traffic routing and management all the way to content storage and access. The solutions are ideal for broadcasters, media companies and Communication Service Providers (CSPs) who need to increase throughput and efficiency at scale, maximize performance and ROI of existing infrastructure and support new and emerging use cases for next-gen digital experiences.

“Whether you’re delivering video or providing an online service, every millisecond of delay can lead to lost opportunity,” said Adrian Herrera, CMO, Varnish Software. “We solve this by making video delivery and web apps more dynamic and efficient, so you can provide faster experiences, support more traffic and deliver more content with less budget and resources. Varnish Enterprise is 100% software-based and integrates seamlessly to extract every bit of value from your infrastructure, whether its legacy equipment or brand-new hardware.”

Technology highlights and demonstrations will include:

  • Varnish Enterprise 6, with the new and upgraded Varnish Controller 5.1, is the industry’s most feature-rich web cache and HTTP accelerator, and includes a plethora of greatly expanded features for robust traffic orchestration and load balancing. With new capabilities and a redesigned UI, it ensures a flawless user experience is delivering data-heavy video and web content at scale by always distributing content from the optimal location and cache servers, regardless of scale or network complexity.
  • Brand new storage solutions for high-performance caching and persistence to meet the needs of video distribution, CDNs and large-cache use cases. The soon-to-be-announced product enables customers to dramatically increase performance and resilience by better managing metadata and more.
  • New record-setting content delivery performance benchmarks for speed, power and efficiency will be unveiled at NAB. Earlier this year, Varnish Software achieved greater than 1.3 Tbps throughput on a 1120 W single server resulting in 1.17 Gbps per watt using Varnish Enterprise 6. These new standards for TLS-encrypted traffic pave the way for delivering more cost-effective, hardware efficient and environmentally sustainable next-gen digital experiences.

Throughout NAB, Varnish Software will also host a series of presentations and workshops at its booth highlighting new research, technological advancements, and emerging trends and opportunities. These sessions will teach attendees how to:

  • Reduce CDN and Cloud service fees by deploying private content delivery services
  • Futureproof Live Streaming, OTT and VOD investments with software optimized for throughput and energy efficiency
  • Deliver more dynamic experiences to support new use cases, unlock new revenue streams and achieve growth goals
  • Enable faster interactions to streamline workflows, improve productivity, reduce capex and prolong the life of existing infrastructure

Over 20% of the world’s top websites and leading video service providers use Varnish Software’s caching and CDN solutions. Customers who have deployed Varnish Software include Sky, Emirates, Hulu, Migros, Tesla, CBC and Future Publishing.

To learn more about Varnish Software’s advanced content delivery solutions, and how to deliver responsive and resilient digital experiences from origin to edge, please schedule a meeting with Varnish Software at NAB 2023 here.


About Varnish Software  

Varnish Software is the leading caching, streaming and content delivery software stack. Our software helps content providers of any size deliver lightning-fast, reliable, and high quality web and streaming experiences for huge audiences. With over 10 million deployments, our technology is relied on by millions of websites worldwide across every industry including Hulu, Emirates and Tesla.

Varnish Software has offices in Los Angeles, New York City, London, Tokyo, Singapore, Stockholm, Oslo, Karlstad, Düsseldorf and Paris. For more information, please visit: