Turnkey extended reality, augmented reality, mixed reality, camera tracking tools and workflows empower broadcasters to create immersive experiential content 

Oslo, Norway – March 26, 2024 – Pixotope, the leading software platform for end-to-end real-time virtual production solutions, is ushering in a new era of immersive storytelling at NAB 2024. As viewers continue to demand more experiential content, broadcasters can leverage Pixotope virtual production solutions to expand audience market share and introduce new creative, lucrative advertising that significantly grows their revenue stream. NAB Show attendees are invited to see how Pixotope provides turnkey virtual production solutions that enable broadcasters to create these immersive experiences in their Tech Den in North Hall meeting room N201LMR on level two (book an appointment here).

“High-quality, immersive content isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s a must-have for attracting and retaining viewers in a crowded media landscape,” says Pixotope Chief Revenue Officer David Dowling. “Viewers today are not satisfied with being mere spectators; they want to be engaged by content that seamlessly blends cinematic-quality graphics and the physical world. For broadcasters, this presents a unique chance to deploy new revenue opportunities by turning traditional viewing experiences, like advertising, into unforgettable journeys that leave audiences craving more.”

A 5 Billion Dollar Business: Immersive Audience Experiences

Propelled by the demand for immersive storytelling, virtual production is projected to become a 5 billion dollar industry by 2027.

Pixotope enables broadcasters to meet these demands with their thought leadership and technical innovations that prioritize ease of use and straightforward integration with existing workflows. With these turnkey virtual production solutions, broadcasters can easily create cinematic experiences that transform the future of storytelling. The result is better visual effects, more compelling advertising, and live broadcasts that become immersive narratives for viewers while creating limitless potential for new advertising revenue opportunities for broadcasters.

Immersive Advertising is Lucrative Advertising 

Pixotope solutions enable broadcasters to grow revenue streams through clever advertising that seamlessly flows through programming, keeping audiences dialed in without jarring commercial breaks. Creative agency, The Famous Group, is known for creating high-octane mixed reality (MR) advertising content for broadcasters using Pixotope.

“Traditional advertising spots during a live broadcast are finite. There’s only so much attention span available, and audiences aren’t engaged during conventional ads that interrupt the event,” says Erik Beaumont, Head of Mixed Reality at The Famous Group. “With virtual, augmented and mixed reality, we can counter some of these limitations. Broadcasters can now offer unique advertising opportunities that allow brands to create immersive narrative experiences that become one with the viewing experience and even enhance programming. Whether watching from the venue or at home, or via social media following a broadcast, passive viewers become active participants.”

The Power of Pixotope: Turnkey Virtual Production Tools 

Pixotope solutions cover the entire virtual production ecosystem from camera and talent tracking to augmented reality (AR) and virtual studio graphics and extended reality (XR) workflows. Pixotope seamlessly integrates with existing workflows and technology, uncomplicating implementation and adoption; it is specifically designed to combine with partner technologies and external data sources.

“Our solutions are designed to meet the exacting demands of live production workflows; they’ve been rigorously battle-tested to mitigate risk and ensure uncompromising reliability,” says David. “Our holistic approach means that our solutions not only offer extreme stability, they also reduce complexity and prioritize ease of use for fast adoption. The result is a turnkey suite of tools that make it simple and seamless for broadcasters to deploy virtual production and generate immediate impact.”

Groundbreaking tech that can be seen in the Pixotope Tech Den (appt required) at NAB 2024 includes:

  • NEW – MOS-based Newsroom System Integration: Pixotope now offers a journalist-driven, automated broadcast pipeline for all NRCS users. The solution comprises a fully featured MOS gateway, an HTML 5 journalist plugin, and full control over the show’s playlist. Show attendees can see a demonstration of an end-to-end workflow with the OpenMedia newsroom system.

  • 3D Living Photo: No more old, static 2D visuals of talents or over-complicated and expensive 3D scan rigs – transform 360º camera recordings of talent into photo-realistic 3D tracked AR assets that can be leveraged within any AR, XR, and virtual studio workflow.

  • Live AR Graphics: See the award-winning Pixotope Graphics – VS/AR Edition in action. Create spontaneous real-time virtual sets and live AR broadcasts to bring the high-end visual impact of feature films to broadcast operations of all sizes.

  • Markerless, Through-the-Lens (TTL) Camera Tracking: Pixotope Fly is a unique first-of-its-kind tracking solution that dramatically simplifies creating and tracking augmented reality elements with drones and cable cameras. The markerless technology eliminates the complex set up and creative constraints imposed by tracking markers, enabling productions and live events to engage audiences with dynamic real-time aerial graphics.

To book a demonstration at NAB 2024, please visit https://info.pixotope.com/nab-show-2024.

Experience Pixotope Graphics – XR Edition on the Unilumin Booth (C2316)

Pixotope partner, Unilumin, the de facto LED volume technology experts, will host a live end to end Pixotope XR workflow demonstration on booth C2316.

Pixotope XR Edition includes a range of tools to simplify setup and operation by reducing the technical complexities and associated resource costs of XR workflows and environments. Its purpose-built tools address common operator pain points while removing the need for proprietary hardware, effectively bringing users an off-the-shelf XR solution that’s optimized for the latest LED volume technology.

Stage Precision Joins Pixotope Partner Network for NAB 2024 

Pixotope is expanding its partner network, most recently partnering with Stage Precision, a leading developer of tools and solutions that simplify virtual production workflows. Through the partnership, Pixotope has integrated SPNet, an open-source protocol that allows real-time object-based datastreams to connect seamlessly in Stage Precision, into the platform.

“The integration of SPnet into the Pixotope software makes it easy and efficient for users to control multiple Pixtope instances with a few clicks. From simple systems to complex multi-machine workflows, Stage Precision can now be used as the connection hub for all shows,” says Leon Herche, Product Specialist at Stage Precision.

Press Briefings at NAB 

Members of the press who are attending NAB are invited to contact Chloe Larby ([email protected]) to schedule a one-on-one briefing at the show. For those not attending, virtual briefings can be scheduled in advance.

About Pixotope 

Dedication. Determination. Trust. Pixotope is at the forefront of democratizing virtual production and empowering content creators with accessible solutions for boundary-pushing immersive storytelling.

Having been proven on the most demanding live productions in the world, Pixotope offers media content owners and producers a reliable and sustainable Virtual Production Platform on which to build their media business.

Pixotope uniquely allows media creators to tell stories with the visual impact of high-end feature films, combined with the connected and scalable nature of online content and the immersive and social experience of video games.

With global 24/7 operations and a direct presence on four continents, Pixotope Technologies is on a mission to promote accessibility, ease of use, and customer success in Virtual Production for all media creators.