In a significant move that underscores its leadership in the media industry, BT has announced the successful implementation and continued expansion of Vena, its cutting-edge intelligent media platform. This platform is setting new standards in the delivery of real-time, high-quality content through on-demand connectivity, marking a new era in TV Outside Broadcasting (TVOB).

Since its inception, BT has been at the forefront of broadcasting innovation. From being the first to deliver an international sporting event in 4K in 2013 to pioneering live broadcasting over a 5G private network at a Rugby Premiership match in 2022, BT has continuously pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in media delivery.

In 2023 alone, BT showcased its prowess by delivering over 250 rugby matches in the UK, involving more than 3000 visions throughout the season, and covering all UK-based UEFA Champions League, Europa League, and Conference League matches for UK host broadcasters and international rights holders. This feat underscores BT’s unparalleled commitment to delivering premium content seamlessly from any venue to the desired destination.

The launch of Vena in 2021 was a game-changer, offering a next-generation platform that intelligently connects media chains. This multi-million-pound investment is built on 70 years of BT’s experience as a broadcaster and global broadcast network operator, combining the flexibility of cloud-like services with the reliability of a dedicated broadcast network. Vena’s introduction signifies BT’s dedication to delivering innovative solutions and enhancing customer experience, leading to the planned retirement of the UK Media Network (UKMN) on 30 November 2024.

Benjamin Webster, Senior Product Manager for Occasional Use Services at BT, shared insights into how Vena is revolutionizing TVOB. The platform allows for the delivery of advanced media services from venues like never before, offering formats such as JPEGXS, SDI, ASI, H.264, and H.265 alongside data and internet-based services. Vena enables visually lossless encoded video format, elevating picture quality while optimizing network bandwidth usage.

Moreover, Vena enhances the resilience of BT’s services, enabling rapid re-routing across the network and diverse routing of services. This efficiency reduces the time required to provision increased service capabilities from weeks to mere hours, offering significant time and cost savings.

BT’s commitment to integrating more elements of the media supply chain is evident. With Vena, BT can now offer unprecedented flexibility and higher access capacity from venues, driving the potential for broadcasting major events. The platform’s intelligent capabilities ensure that BT remains a key player in enhancing customer experiences and ensuring the reliability of services.

As BT continues to migrate its TVOB services onto Vena, customers stand to benefit from increased access capacity and the ability to book enhanced services with minimal notice. This transformation not only solidifies BT’s position in the market but also promises to revolutionize the way content is delivered and experienced across the globe.

To discover more about how Vena can give your TVOB operations a foundation fit for the future, you can click here or visit the website by clicking here.


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