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One GOAT four solar panels and probably the best coffee in London

One GOAT four solar panels and probably the best coffee in London

One GOAT four solar panels and probably the best coffee in London

Posted by Editor | May 25, 2023 | Sustainability in the Media      

The need for reliable, sustainable power is paramount, for both film and TV Location work. Traditional diesel generators are both environmentally damaging and disruptively noisy, the industry needs something better.

NXTGEN BPS has the solution to the ever-present problem of polluting emissions and noise pollution, which are the stock in trade of old-school diesel generators. The solutions are found in the form of the BEAR the Chameleon, and the GOAT, a new generation of renewable generators that are silent running and totally emission-free!

To prove the point and show what they can do for the location sector, NXTGEN BPS recently teamed up with a mobile coffee shop, that pitches in a quiet park by the river Thames. The mobile coffee shop uses a traditional generator, spending about £16 a day to power their operation, all the while producing harmful emissions and noise pollution.

In stepped the GOAT, the GOAT came fully charged but also spent the day topping up from the four solar panels that NXTGEN BPS also supplied, During the trial run, the GOAT equipped with four solar panels, powered a coffee van for eight hours and still preserved 40% of its battery life. This demonstrates its capability to provide up to two days of renewable energy while simultaneously charging its battery generator through solar power.

Made Belle Cafe NXTGEN BPS

This renewable generator technology is not just limited to helping make great coffee but extends to all corners of film and TV location work! Filming on Location requires significant energy for lighting, cameras, sound equipment, and catering facilities. Using a GOAT solar generator, a film crew could establish their set-in remote locations without needing traditional, disruptive power sources. This would not only decrease noise pollution – a significant factor when recording sound on set – but also lower carbon emissions, more importantly, the GOAT is proving to be very cost-effective.

Considering the long hours dictated by shooting schedules, the impressive energy efficiency and longevity of the GOAT solar-powered generator ensure that the crew’s power needs can be met continuously. Using the GOAT can significantly decrease production costs in the long run. As such, investing in a GOAT generator offers both environmental and economic benefits that can pay back the initial purchase cost, in many cases within a year. That sounds like a no-brainer to us!

Get in touch with NXTGEN BPS and find out how they can help you save the planet and a few quid!

The goat and the bear NXTgen

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