All-female audio team deliver all audio requirements for television production of the FINA World Swimming Championships

Gravity Media Australia recently celebrated the all-female audio team that played a key role in the successful production of the FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) in Melbourne. The team, consisting of Jessica Paynter, Kelly Doherty, Janine Moffley, Joanna Atalla, Aster Caplan, and Amy Harkom, was responsible for all audio aspects of the global television production. This marks a significant milestone for Gravity Media, as the company strives to expand opportunities and encourage more women to enter into technical roles in the broadcast industry. Ben Madgwick, Director of Media Services and Facilities at Gravity Media Australia, praised the team for their outstanding work and commitment to delivering a top-quality television production.

A key component of Gravity Media’s production is audio and Gravity Media Australia is delighted to have brought together an all-female crew to deliver on this important undertaking.

Ben Madgwick, Director, Media Services and Facilities at Gravity Media Australia: “We could not be more proud of this great crew playing a mission-critical role in the delivery of the global television production. They – along with our entire crew – have delivered an outstanding result. All of us at Gravity Media Australia look forward to further expanding opportunities and encouraging women to take up these exciting roles in broadcast technology delivery and production.”

Jessica Paynter, Audio and Communications Engineer at Gravity Media Australia: “It’s great being able to go from being ‘the woman in audio’ to just one of the women in audio. Finding women in technical roles has become common place. This was only a matter of time. We hope this encourages other women to go into all technical departments, not just audio.”

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